About Sync Recovery Community

Sync Recovery Community facilitates events that are fun and inspiring. There is a special “something” that happens when people in recovery from substance use disorder get together. We are able to speak openly and it allows others who may be curious about a recovery lifestyle to talk freely as well. SRC strives to end the stigma of addiction and demonstrate that long-term sobriety is not only possible, it is powerful and full of joy.

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Sync Purpose

Sync Recovery Community holds events in a variety of locations. We offer a stress-free environment for the purpose of making new discoveries and creating healthy relationships. Taking part in activities with people we enjoy prevents relapse of risky and life-threatening behaviors. Loneliness is a dangerous emotion for people who want to maintain long-term sobriety. It is essential that individuals form friendships not only as a cure for isolation but a source of support and advice. There are 23,500,000[1] people in recovery from addiction. There is no need to suffer alone. [1] Source

The reason Sync Recovery Community is important is that the relapse rates for substance use disorder are staggering.  There are multiple pathways and we are focused on assisting people to maintain long-term remission from co-morbid conditions in order to achieve overall health and wellness. We believe action-based peer support and our four core components are paramount to a successful lifestyle of recovery.

  • 85% of individuals relapse within one year of treatment
  • 50% relapse after one year
  • Once a person reaches the 5-year mark, the chance of relapse falls to less than 15%
  • Substance abuse costs the nation $600 billion annually
  • The cost of emotional bankruptcy and loss of life is impossible to put a price on

We know that we can improve these statistics because evidence shows that staying connected to a recovery community is a key component of long-term sobriety. Sync Recovery proves life isn’t over when you’re sober.

When it comes down to it, this is not about statistics and dollars. It is about making a difference in the heart and soul of a human and the people who love them.

Sync Programs

Sync Recovery Community’s events and programs are administrated by Synchronicity Recovery Foundation, Ltd. The foundation is a 501©3 public charity as described in the US Internal Revenue Code. Synchronicity Recovery Foundation, Ltd is not a treatment provider or government agency.

Synchronicity Recovery Foundation, LTD, is a duly registered (#104177) charitable organization with the Dept. of State, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the solicitation of funds for charitable purposes. Grantors and contributors may rely on the fact that Sync Recovery is an organization described in Section 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code. A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA. Dept. of State by calling toll free within PA. 1-800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

Synchronicity (siŋ-krə-ˈni-sə-tē) is a concept, introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.


Mission Statement

To provide action-based peer support for individuals affected by substance use disorders through activities and events that are gratifying, FUN and inspirational.
Using our Four Core Components of a healthy recovery lifestyle (social • spiritual • service • health), Sync Recovery Community’s events facilitate dynamic programs that connect individuals from diverse backgrounds, while providing participants with opportunities to choose multiple pathways to recovery. We provide stress-free environments
where individuals are inspired to make new discoveries and create healthy relationships.

We want to thank the following businesses and organizations for supporting our mission:

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Please contact us to sign up for event announcements, ways to get involved, or share your recovery event. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. 



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