Get Outside Challenge!!

Sync Recovery is stoked to offer this challenge again this month! During this challenge earn points while getting outside, participating in as many Sync events as you can, and become active in the recovery community as a Sync Volunteer!! Track your own points. Put it in a document or simply track it on a piece of paper and take a pic and and submit your activities by emailing them to
The winner will receive cool stuff.  Below are the ways you can earn points. We work on the honor system.

Invite a friend to a Sync Recovery Event that has never been. = 50 points

Attend an outdoor event with Sync (Hike, Bonfire, Disc Golf, Wilderness Survival etc) = 10 points

Attend a indoor event with Sync (Ukulele, guitar, drum circle, etc) = 5 points

Volunteer with Sync: Attend orientation=5 points, Leadership training = 10 points, Submit application after orientation 15 points, Volunteer at an event or join a committee = 20 points

On your own or with a friend: Assign yourself 1-5 points for each activity you do. Here are some ideas

  • go biking, paddling, running, or gardening outside
  • help someone with an outdoor chore
  • walk or hike to a high point to admire the view
  • go outside when the weather isn’t perfect
  • sit outside for at least 10 minutes and forest bath – just sit and listen
  • take your meal outside
  • build an outdoor fire
  • go on a litter clean up walk
  • go stargazing
  • visit a local farm or farmer’s market
  • go for a hike or nature walk
  • dip your hand or feet in a natural water source
  • visit a public park
  • go glamping or camping or take a nap outdoors
  • walk or hike to a high point to admire the view
  • go outside when the weather isn’t perfect
  • find a wild edible
  • meditate, yoga, or sit and listen to nature sounds
  • play a game outside
  • drink your coffee or tea outdoors
  • plant something
  • watch the sunrise or sunset
  • If it’s not on the list, but you can do it – DO IT 🙂

Share about it:

  • Post about challenge on social media- 2 pts
  • Share a pic- 4 pts
  • Share inspirations quote or affirmation- 5 pts
  • Go live- 10 pts
  • Tag @syncrecovery (aka Synchronicity Recovery Foundation) on Facebook or Instagram
  • Hashtag #syncrecoveryadventure


The event is finished.


May 01 - 31 2022


All Day
Sync Recovery Community


Sync Recovery Community
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